Don Goliath is a producer and singer from Berlin, Germany. He also is the founder of Chiptune Division Recordings (releasing his 8bitChiptuneReggae productions), Dancehall Division Recordings (releasing his 90s style Dancehall productions), Digikal Division Recordings (releasing his DigikalLoFiReggae productions), Dubstep Division Recordings (releasing his Dubstep/Skastep productions), Minimal Division Recordings (releasing his Dub Techno productions), Rootsstep Division Recordings (releasing his Roots/Dub productions), Steppers Division Recordings (releasing his Steppers Dub productions) and the clothing brand Dubstep Division Clothing.

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Artist: Don Goliath ft. The Rasta Minions

Track: Forever Killing Sounds (Chiptune Mix)

Album: Chiptune to the World Vol. 1

Label: Chiptune Division Recordings

Cat No: CDR001

Year: 2014

Artist: Don Goliath ft. Jahmangang

Track: Mighty Ruler

Album: Rootsstep to the World Vol. 30

Label: Rootsstep Division Recordings

Cat No: RDR035

Year: 2015

Artist: Don Goliath ft. King Ital

Track: Mash Up Babylon

Album: Rootsstep to the World Vol. 21

Label: Rootsstep Division Recordings

Cat No: RDR026

Year: 2014

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Vinyl (12" maxi):

DDR12001: BassFest Series Vol. 1 (feat. Don Goliath) (2008)

DDR12002: BassFest Series Vol. 2 (feat. Don Goliath) (2009)


DDR001: Don Goliath "Don Goliath Sound" (2007)

DDR002: Don Goliath "The message EP" (2007)

DDR003: VA "Who's dat EP" (2007)

DDR004: VA "Wasteman EP" (2007)

DDR005: VA "Life of Grime EP" (2007)

DDR006: Don Goliath "Oneness EP" (2007)

DDR007: VA "We do this all the time EP" (2007)

DDR008: VA "4 elements - The Remixes" (2008)

DDR009: Don Goliath "Invincible to Ras EP" (2008)

DDR010: Don Goliath "Jah come right now EP" (2008)

DDR011: Don Goliath "Freedom EP" (2008)

DDR012: VA "No Soundbwoy no cry - The Remixes EP" (2008)

DDR013: VA "Free di herbs EP" (2008)

DDR014: VA "You know I know EP" (2008)

DDR015: VA "Maybe so EP" (2008)

DDR016: Don Goliath "When we play EP" (2008)

DDR017: Don Goliath "Step up EP" (2008)

DDR018: VA "To the top EP" (2008)

DDR019: VA "Ring the alarm EP" (2008)

DDR020: VA "Oneness - The Remixes EP" (2008)

DDR021: VA "Free di herbs - The Remixes EP" (2009)

DDR022: VA "When we play - The Remixes EP" (2009)

DDR023: VA "Mrs U - The Remixes" (2009)

DDR024: Don Goliath "Taw Shi EP" (2009)

DDR025: Don Goliath "Fuckstep EP" (2009)

DDR026: VA "Lot's wife - The Remixes" (2009)

DDR027: VA "Mega hit - The Remixes EP" (2009)

DDR028: VA "The message - The Remixes EP" (2009)

DDR029: VA "I tried - The Remixes EP" (2009)

DDR030: Don Goliath "Bagstep EP" (2009)

DDR031: VA "Dubbing down Babylon - The Remixes EP" (2009)

DDR032: VA "Jah come right now - The Remixes EP" (2009)

DDR033: VA "Why we teach dem - The Remixes EP" (2010)

DDR034: Don Goliath "Nah ease up de fyah EP" (2010)

DDR035: VA "Invincible to Ras - The Remixes EP" (2010)

DDR036: VA "Upfull and bright - The Remixes EP" (2010)

DDR037: VA "If a bwoy box you - The Remixes EP" (2010)

DDR038: VA "Freedom - The Remixes EP" (2010)

DDR039: VA "The missing pieces" (2010)

DDR040: Don Goliath "Skastep to the world" (2012)

DDR041: Don Goliath "Skastep to the world - The Dubstep mixes" (2012)

DDR042: Don Goliath "Skastep runs the world" (2012)

DDR043: Don Goliath "Skastep to the world - The Acapellas" (2012)

DDR044: Don Goliath "Skastep runs the world - The Dubstep mixes" (2013)

DDR045: Don Goliath "Skastep runs the world - The Acapellas" (2013)

DDR046: Don Goliath "From Skastep to Scarstep" (2013)

RDR001: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 1" (2013)

RDR002: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 2" (2013)

DDR047: Don Goliath "From Skastep to Scarstep - The Dubstep mixes" (2013)

RDR003: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 3" (2013)

RDR004: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 4" (2013)

RDR005: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 5" (2013)

DDR048: Don Goliath "From Skastep to Scarstep - The Acapellas" (2013)

DDR049: Don Goliath "Skastep R.I.P." (2013)

RDR006: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 6" (2013)

RDR007: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world - The Acapellas Vol. 1" (2013)

RDR008: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world - The Acapellas Vol. 2" (2013)

RDR009: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 7" (2013)

RDR010: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 8" (2013)

RDR011: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 9" (2013)

RDR012: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world - The Acapellas Vol. 3" (2013)

RDR013: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 10" (2013)

DDR050: Don Goliath "Skastep R.I.P. - The Dubstep mixes" (2013)

DDR051: Don Goliath "Skastep R.I.P. - The Acapellas" (2013)

RDR014: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 11" (2013)

RDR015: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 12" (2013)

RDR016: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world - The Acapellas Vol. 4" (2013)

RDR017: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 13" (2013)

RDR018: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 14" (2013)

RDR019: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 15" (2014)

RDR020: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world - The Acapellas Vol. 5" (2014)

RDR021: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 16" (2014)

RDR022: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 17" (2014)

RDR023: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 18" (2014)

RDR024: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 19" (2014)

RDR025: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 20" (2014)

RDR026: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 21" (2014)

RDR027: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 22" (2014)

RDR028: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 23" (2014)

RDR029: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 24" (2014)

RDR030: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 25" (2014)

DIGDR001: Don Goliath "Digikal to the world Vol. 1" (2014)

SDR001: Don Goliath "Steppers to the world Vol. 1" (2014)

SDR002: Don Goliath "Steppers to the world Vol. 2" (2014)

RDR031: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 26" (2014)

RDR032: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 27" (2014)

CDR001: Don Goliath "Chiptune to the world Vol. 1" (2014)

RDR033: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 28" (2014)

MDR001: Don Goliath "Minimal to the world Vol. 1" (2014)

MDR002: Don Goliath "Minimal to the world Vol. 2" (2014)

DIGDR002: Don Goliath "Digikal to the world Vol. 2" (2014)

CDR002: Don Goliath "Chiptune to the world Vol. 2" (2014)

RDR034: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 29" (2015)

RDR035: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 30" (2015)

RDR036: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 31" (2015)

RDR037: Don Goliath "Rootsstep to the world Vol. 32" (2015)

DANCEDR001: Don Goliath "Dancehall to the world Vol. 1" (2015)

Don Goliath releases on other labels:

DKR009MP3: VA "Robots & Cellos Remixes" - Alien Pimp "Robots & Cellos" (Don Goliath Remix) (DubKraft Records) (2008) (Digital)

CSV2: VA "Crucial Step V2" - Don Goliath "Gorgon" (Imperative Recordings) (2009) (Digital)

AOD001: L-Wiz/Systematic - L-Wiz ft. Don Goliath "Fight no more" (All Out Dubstep) (2009) (12" Vinyl)

GD001: VA "Get Darker presents: This is Dubstep" - Macabre Unit ft. Don Goliath "Sunshine" (Get Darker) (2009) (Digital)

IR026: OneSon Ft. Don Goliath "Rastafari Children (The Remixes) EP" (Imperative Recordings) (2010) (Digital)

GK006: Demon Ft. Don Goliath "Sunshine" (Ghetto Knowledge) (2010) (Digital)

6FBS002: Demon ft. Don Goliath "Into Pieces you blow" (SixFeetBelowSound Recordings) (2011) (Digital)

xxx: True Love "Fear No Evil (feat. Don Goliath)" (Natural Order Music) (2011) (Digital)

CAR1013-2: VA "Dubsteppaz Worldwide presented by Raveline" - Don Goliath "Don Goliath Sound" & Don Goliath "Mrs U" (ZYX - Caramelle Records) (2011) (Digital & CD)

10043631: VA "Dubstep Charts 2010-2011-2012" - Alien Pimp "Robots & Cellos" (Don Goliath Remix) (Quebola Records) (2012) (Digital)

BOR029: Don Goliath "Praise Jah" (ft. Anthony B) (Remixed by Boom One Sound System) (Boom One Records) (2012) (Digital)

xxx: Sgt Remo Meets Don Goliath "Call on Jah" (Jah Yutes Entertainment) (2013) (Digital)

DUB-U 12 01: Don Goliath ft. Dillinger "Children of Israel" plus Remix by Kheru Jahman Dan (Dub Uncle) (2013) (12" Vinyl)

DUB-U 12 02: Don Goliath ft. Talliss Ites "Change your ways" plus Remix by Kheru Jahman Dan (Dub Uncle) (2013) (12" Vinyl)

BOR-V050: Don Goliath "Rock and come on (ft. Lone Ranger)" and "Hail up Jahoviah (ft. U Brown)" (Boom One Records) (2014) (12" Vinyl)

ODGP036: Don Goliath "Great Dubz Gathered" (ODGPROD) (2014) (Digital)

BOR115: Don Goliath "Everyday we pray" (ft. B Davis) (Boom One Records) (2014) (Digital)

LCL40: Don Goliath "Rootsstep Colossus" (Libre Comme l'Air) (2014) (Digital)

DUBKEY020: Don Goliath "Calling On Jah" (Dubkey) (2014) (Digital)

D6012: 6Blocc "Burn dem up EP" - Don Goliath "Ready or not (ft. Sweetie Irie)", "Burn it up (ft. Jr. Tiger)", "Nah go bow (ft. Jigsy King)" (Digital 6) (2014) (Digital)

BASS010: Don Goliath "Invincible to Ras (Echo Pusher Remix)" (Bass Massive) (2014) (Digital)

ZAMZAM23: Alpha & Omega "Roll River Jordan Roll (ft. Don Goliath & Dillinger)" (ZamZam) (2014) (7" Vinyl)

BOR106: VA "International Dubsters United, Vol. 1" - Don Goliath "Wadada Version" (Boom One Records) (2014) (Digital)

xxx: Jah Melik ft. Don Goliath "Cant Stop Fayah" (Shantylife Yamaguchi) (2014) (Digital)

MWMUS017: Don Goliath meets Wayne McArthur "Glory to the King" (Moon Wave Music) (2015) (12" Vinyl)

128181M2: U Roy feat. Don Goliath "Give Thanks to Jah" (Remixed by Vibronics) (Digi Signa) (2015) (12" Vinyl)


Q: What the funk is Rootstep?
Don: I didn't invent this genre nor its name. There were a few other producers around before I started producing my own approach to it. As the name suggests Rootstep is Dubstep influenced Roots or vis versa. That dates from Dubstep's early days though when it still had a strong Reggae influence which it completely lost during the past years, developing more and more rather Electro influenced sub genres. Anyway, so back in the days when I came up with my Rootsstep style I found this name was indeed a good term for this music since it basically is Roots music with a digital bassline sound. 90% of my Rootsstep riddims are rebuilds of end 70s rockers riddims by the usual suspects of that era, namely Tubby, Jammy, Scientist, Perry, Ruby, Moodie so at the very core of all my Rootsstep productions there is Roots Reggae. I therefor decided to spell it with two S, hence Rootsstep, to strech the Roots influence/domination in my approach to it.

Q: Why are there so few photos of you on the web, are you that ugly?
Don: Hell no, I look like a symbiosis of David Beckham and Tom Cruise ;), I just don't really like photos of me (taken).

Q: Would you classify your Rootsstep music as Dubstep?
Don: Not at all. First of "Dubstep" has become such a vague term since there are so many, totally differently sounding, sub genres of it around these days. My Rootsstep sounds nothing like any of em. The only thing my Rootsstep has in common with Dubstep is that I use digital timbres for my bassline sounds, but who doesn't do that, unless you are into acoustic music ;). All the other elements of my Rootsstep are Reggae related so I'd definitly classify my Rootsstep as Roots music indeed. Besides I don't know any Dubstep tune/riddim on which one could play a Melodica solo ;)

Q: Are you a Rastafarian?
Don: Not really. I believe in god and treating people decently though. So when I am voicing my riddims I refer to god as either Jah or Selassie depending on which of the two terms will fit best into the lyrical pattern I am working on.

Q: What is your opinion on the "loudness war"?
Don: Well, as we all say "too much is too much" so when it starts pumping you definitly overlimited it. But I wanna point out that just like other sound system/club minded genres my productions can live with a very small dynamic range hence a very high average loudness as we are not talking Jazz or classical music. My music is aimed to be permanently at "full throttle" so it'll sound real heavy when being played on a sound system but might fatigue your ears on a home HiFi though. But as I said it ain't made for the latter anyway.

Q: Don't you think you produce/release too much music, with your discography being longer than an anaconda?
Don: In our digital world with thousands of badly produced tunes being released every week I see the need for quality music to stand against that flood. No disrespect to upcoming producers though, in my Dubstep days I released music I now think wasn't worth releasing since it isn't mixed well hence I wasn't ready but from the start of my Rootsstep productions I am on the level as every tune sounds really good. This being said I think there can never be too much _quality_ music.

Q: What is it with the autotuneophobia amongst Roots producers? Do you endorse that?
Don: Nope. I never understood how one can categorically exclude such an IMO great tool for pitch correction. I think it's all about how radically one uses it, too much of it may surely give an unwanted sound to vocals in Roots productions but I would never want to miss this tool, especially since some singers I produced would definitly sound horrible without any pitch correction, and that includes myself ;).

Big ups:

To all artists being released on Chiptune/Dancehall/Digikal/Dubstep/Minimal/Rootsstep/Steppers Division Recordings so far:

Singers/MCs: Absorb, Ackee Singa, Action Fire, ADX, Aggi Dukes, A.K.A., Aloevera, Alozade, Amelia Harmony, Animal Man, Anthony B, Asante Amen, Asha Heights, Baba The Fayahstudent, B. Davis, Biblical, Big T, Billy Blade, Black Omolo, Blackout JA, Buccaneer, Budz The Thugz, Busy Signal, Carlton Livingston, Carlton Shepherd, Chanter, Chronicle, Chuck Fender, Clarity, Clifton Yeates, Clinton Sly, Cookie The Herbalist, Craig Scott, Cruz Rock, Daddy Clean, Daddy Freddy, Da Fuchaman, Daman, Dax Lion, Deewaii, Descendant, dESH, Determine, Di Govanah, Dillinger, Dizzy Dee, Djiman, DJ Muzikal, Don Goliath, Don Gregor, Donnie Ozone, Don Sharicon, Don't Swim By Sharks, Dragon Man, Dr Docs, Essential I, Fanatick, Fancy Kid, Fantan Mojah, Fehzan, Fikir Amlak, Fitta Warri, Flow Nerds, Fraktal, Fus Baan, Fyah I, Garris'n, GDP, General Degree, General Lion, Ghette, Gringo, Henry Matic, Ibel, I Boochi, Icykal, Idren Natural, Infloent Force, Informative Historyman, Ital Erik, Iyah Ranx, Jah Free, Jah Godun, Jahmangang, Jah Mason, Jah Melik, Jah My-t, Jah Rooti, Jahvice, Jermaine Fagan, Jigsy King, J. Life, Joe Lickshot, Joe Pilgrim, Judah Law, Junior Bee, Junior Cat, Junior Demus, Junior Kigwa, Junior Kinky, Junior Murvin, Junior Saw, Junior Tiger, J Swif, Jua Kali, Kali Green, Kamouflage, Kelvin Judah, Khaleel Retro Deal, King Ital, Kontent, Lace, Lady Ann, Lasai, L.E.A.D., Lexxus, Lion Tafari, Lone Ranger, L Star, Luciano, Lutan Fyah, Luther Sticky, Marl E, Masta Jay, Masta Simon, Maticalise, MC Baco, MC MessenJah, MC Trooper, Merciless, Metod MC, Michel Irie, Mikey Wild, MissaH, Mister Gee, Moeish, Mojo Herb, mp3 council demon, Mr Infa, Ms Ghette, M-Syla, Natanja, Naturaliss, N Dot E, Neekoshy, Nemo, Nesta, Nigger Kojak, Not Nyce, Obajah, Omar Perry, Ozi One, PapaRasty, Papa Roads, Paul Fox, Paupa Man, p.c.k., Penti Frm Senti, Phase, Pinchers, Piracy, P Nyne, Prince David, Prince Jazzbo, Princess Black, Princess K-Shu, Ranking Joe, Raphael, Ras Daniel, Ras Joe, Ras Khaleel, Ras Malu, Ras Martin, Ras Mat-I, Ras Melody, Ras Mykha, Ras Tinny, Reggie Stepper, Rengiflow, Ricky Mc Koya, Roboliath, Robot Herb, Rseenal, Rudy Alba, R Zee Jackson, Saimn-I, Seamus, Scooby, Sennid, Sgt. Remo, Shabeel, Shakiah, Shanka Ruben, Siilk Legend, Simon Mandala, Singing Prince, Sis Jane Warriah, Sista Bethsabee, Sista Caro, Sista Rosta, Sista Zari, Sizzla, Skarzz, Skeye Kydd, S.K.o., Smokio, Stratus, Stunner, Supreme, Sweetie Irie, Talliss Ites, Taranthriller, Terry Ganzie, The Rasta Minions, Tilah, Tiyarro, Tizla, Tmar, T.R.I.B.E., Trinity, Tru Blacks, True Love, Tschinchilla, Turbulence, TyT, U Brown, U Roy, Venam, Viktor Tebebe, Warriorking, Warrior Queen, Wayne Mc Arthur, XTL, Zareb, Zion Irie, Zoro

Producers/Instrumentalists: 1Way, 6Blocc, Addis Pablo, ADREIM999, Alien Pimp, Asher-E, Atomique, Bare Noize, Bearded Slave, Beat Mongrel, Ben I, Bob Rider, Bodao, Boom One Sound System, Botnari Roman, Bro, Bruno Beats, BungeDup, Cethic, Chuq, Clone A Side, C Majah, Cogent, David Prono, DC Fellas, Deep Vein, Demon, Devious N4ture, D-Formed, Diagram Of Truth, Dirt Monkey, DJ Beady, DJ Gnome, DJ Hoax, DJ Mixdown, DJ Rezonate, Don GG, Don Goliath, Dr Nimble, DZ, Ealzee, Ekelon, Electronic Mistress, El Haijn, Ez Icarus, Fenix, Forensics, Frank Carlos Monis, Fused Forces, Gargamel, Gengar's Legacy, Goblinaxe, Gravious, Grickl, Grin, Hit by a rock, Hornsman Coyote, hxdb, i3i3, I-lodica, Irie Worryah, Itak Tojo, Jah Billa, Jeremie Gregeois, J:Kenzo, Johnny Oakley, Joint Forces, Journey Into Madness, Kafra, Knuf, Kvartersakuten, Laconic, Lapo, Lowki, Lucadread, Lukeing Forward, Macabre Unit, March Mellow, Mashepest, Matt Green, Max Covale, MBP, Mechanik Project, Med Dred, Mek, Metroxylon, Migrant, Mindflow, Mindseyedub, Monkey, Monkixx, Mr Finn, NDE, Nemmz, N.Killah, Noizy Parka, Num Lock, Oneson, Orbatak, Pedro Neves, Peres One, Phonogram, Quark, Ras Beeken Dan, Ras Divarius, Rawtee, Reamlz, Roland, Rolaz, RSD, Samson Benji, Sax n Dub, sCaos, Selec, Shaky Norman, Shroombab, Side9000, Skyence, Skyh, Soi, Sowl, Spherix, Sqeepo, STD, Stitcha & Erak, Stix, Subindex, Subsygen, SubVersive, Surje, Suspect, Sweep, S.Y.N.K.R.O, Synthetic Freedom Fighters, Tha Dog Boy, The Emperor, The K System, The Lonely Schizo, The Nibelheim Incident, Three Legga Larry, Time, Titus Twelve, Tom Keel, Tommy Tornado, TR21, Triggy, Tropikore, Tyrant, Voxel8, Wintermute, Wizcutz, Wrexile, Zeno


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